My Gear

Many times I have been asked "how do you create images on canvas that are so unique and different"?  Alot of times people think they are paintings on canvas.  This is my goal when you first look at one of my canvas prints - I want this question to go through your mind - is this a painting or is this a picture?  My canvas prints are photos printed on canvas.  I know how to use PhotoShop and other photo editing software to get the look I want.  Some of the unique and special software I use comes from countries in Europe.  I have procedures, methods and recipes that I have developed over the years to get the results I need.

I use the latest and greatest Hewlett - Packard large format printers to print my canvas prints.  I also use 200 year fade resistance inks.  These canvas prints will be around for a long time and many generations will enjoy them.

I use Epson high resolution scanners to scan images into my computers.  I have a step by step recipe for scanning photos that works.  It takes longer but I get great results on my scanned images.

Digital cameras are amazing.  The resolution and clarity that comes from most new digital cameras makes enlarging photos quite easy.  In the old days I would work for hours and hours to make a photo bigger.  Now it is alot easier.
I have a new Sony a77 camera on order. This camera has over 24 megapixels.  I can't wait to get my hands on this.  This is a list of the Sony Alpha cameras I have used in the past - a100, a300, a350, a550 and now on order the SLT a77.  I have had excellent results with Sony cameras and all of their photographic gear.