When I wrote for Minnesota Moments Magazine, I needed a photographer to make the story come alive.  Lucky for me, I could pick up the phone and call Randy Asseln.  He is an artist and sees the incredible beauty in architecture, landscapes, and nature.  Randy has the unique ability to take a photo and, through a unique blend of photography, artistry, printmaking, and maybe a little magic, turn it into a stunning work of art.  He is a true professional and I would consider myself fortunate to work with him again.

Kat Liesemeyer

Katalyst Communications


JoAnn from Minnetonka writes...... I worked with Randy to create a wall of canvas prints in my living room consisting of 9 of my favorite photos from each of the three decades of my family life.  I had only a "fuzzy" vision of what I wanted and was on a tight timeline to get the job done in time for my oldest son's wedding.  With Randy's help and expertise, the wall turned out amazing!  The quality of the prints causes the wall and the room to come to life.  It was obvious working with Randy that he takes a personal pride in his work and totally enjoys it.  He went out of his way to make sure that every print was perfect and to assure that the color tones were exactly what I wanted.  He was a pleasure to work with in every way!


Wildlife and nature artist "Don Walvatne":
I had the pleasure of working with Randy to print a large oil painting of a farm scene.  He handled the process { canvas prints } seamlessly and went the extra mile to pursue highest quality and attention to every detail - to make sure I was satisfied with the final results.
- Don Walvatne -